Highway To Hell

“The intellect, potential and existing abilities: all is watered away when a person succumbs to drug abuse.”

Drug abuse is on the rise and ceases to leave the lifestyles of youngsters as it is deep embedded in our social system and is hence carried forward from generation to generation like an ancient tradition. The causes of its existence are sowed in ignorance because of which uprooting the problem becomes a not so easy task. The most common form of drug abuse that is observed in today’s India is alcohol addiction, consumption of cannabis etc. The following are the grave causes for this rising substance abuse-

  • Becoming a part of culture- 

Culture is very close to the hearts of people and anything cultural is clung to closely by people. A culture is the soul of any human society. The way people meet, greet and do things is all what culture is. It includes the practices that a group of people relate with themselves as a part of their lifestyle. Alcohol is a habit among people because it has its history in culture. So does hookah, beedi and others. The men of the household used to smoke pot and consume alcoholic mixtures. In some areas, even women consumed these substances. Family functions and joyous occasions were incomplete without them. This was the scenario in rural India and has transcended to the growing metropolitans rapidly. The young generation also has get-togethers around a table where they are drinking or smoking. Lord shiva himself used to take weed. In India, where the revered deities are worshiped and idealised blindly, people are unable to differentiate right from wrong based on scientific study and facts. Invariably, what is ingrained in culture is hard to get rid of.

  • Aiding the social life of the young- 

The young lot parties and their idea of celebration is incomplete without getting high. Also, when 80% are involved in an activity in any social gathering, the rest 20% are very much bound to also try it. Getting wasted has also become a way to relieve boredom. Youngsters feel like it is an exciting thing to do. It has fit into the definition of fun. Friends meet over a round of drinks and can often be found saying that alcohol makes their banter lively or meeting exciting. Young people sometimes use drugs or alcohol to escape from their home, or personal, problems. Friends may suggest that coming out for a night’s drinking or smoking a spliff might help if they’re feeling down. People feel like getting high on a substance can align their thoughts, cool their mind, enable them to perform better and have more fun.

  • Relieving depression and low mood-

People have a lot of problems and confusions to deal with in the middle phase of their life. Sorting career and relationships becomes a source of stress as they feel they have a lot to deal with. Mid life crisis makes people very vulnerable to substance abuse. The temporary alterations that substance abuse does to the chemistry of the brain gives a feeling of comfort. The subconscious mind is elevated to another level and there are experiences of soothing feelings, reduced anxiety and stress, less hesitations and more confidence. Everything that substance abuse causes in its immediate aftermath gives the feeling that it is the perfect solution to all problems even if the long term impact is adverse.


These are the popular reasons for which substance abuse is far from diminishing and remains intact as a part of life of people from all walks of life.

– Apoorva Gaba


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