Marijuana- The Poison loved by most

“Marijuana is… self-punishing. It makes you acutely sensitive and in this world what worse punishment could there be?”


Pot, weed, grass, 420, dope, herb, joint, blunt, cannabis, mary jane, bhang and much more are the names given to the infamous natural drug- Marijuana.


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I myself don’t have any idea why I chose this particular topic when there are many more drugs which are way more harmful and have way more case studies about them online. Maybe it’s the fact that according to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva used to consume it or the fact that out of all the drugs only this drug is herbal in nature.


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I honestly have no problem with people who consume it, after all, it does have some medicinal uses. I was not even aware of its existence until I got to read a very interesting news as to how 2 sisters were growing weed in their church’s backyard and using it to make medicines. I was very curious as to what weed is.


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Most kids are when they get to hear about it, especially from their friends who are already using it to “relieve” themselves from the stress in their lives. Let alone friends, but even our culture has made it a part of our religion. Bhaang is consumed the most on holi by mixing it in thandai (a famous Indian drink).


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If that doesn’t make you interested then stars like Bob Marley does. And this by far leads most to start using it just out of sheer curiosity. All the experiences that people have while using this drug differ a lot due to the fact that it amplifies the emotions and the thoughts that you have while using it. Some find it very relaxing while a few also find the experience very scary.

 It also tends to amplify sounds that you hear, no matter how far they may be but you will feel as if the source of the sound is just next to your ear.


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It is the most used drug not only because of all the influences in our society but also due to the fact, it is very easy to get, in fact, just go outside and you can find places nearby you where weed is growing on its own.

It is easy to cultivate and also has a demand in the market, which also makes it very profitable to grow. Go to any hill station, any and you can find a government bhang store.

What about the people who can’t get access to the drug? They find other herbs like the mango leaves or green tea leaves to smoke and you will be very surprised how common it is.

  The problem of drug abuse has always existed but most of them were not used to the point where it becomes an addiction but during the British rule, the problem of addiction truly started to take a shape in our country.

Drugs were the only way to survive in that time of insanity and it was also promoted by the British rulers as they were able to exploit the poor farmers and many other worker class and so they fed them to the point they were not able to retreat.

Now we are left with the side-effect of that exploitation, it is seen as acceptable to use drugs in our society to the point where our elders also tell us to use it if feel sick.

I always thought to myself, is there really any ending to all of this? Maybe, has always been the answer as our society is built in such a way that we all are using drugs, be it by choice or by force. We all are addicts. Living on pills or the “herb” is your choice but being an addict, maybe not.

The only solution is if the world stops seeing profit and rather the health of individuals. We all can help with that by not judging other people for drug abuse and rather help them in realising that it truly is not worth it, it can be a short-term escape from your problems but that’s all. It all ends there. You can’t run from your problems forever and you will eventually need to face it, that even while you are all sober.

Get addicted to life, not drugs.

There will be a second part to this where I will talk in-depth about this drug and will include the interpretation of one of the case study related to this drug to show how harmful it can be.

-Nehal Hardat


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